Comcast Fiber Optic Internet Service – GOOD NEWS

If you are a Montclair resident interested in switching to Comcast, please send us a message TODAY via the “Contact Us” tab above!

PLEASE ALSO SEE OUR PUBLIC FACEBOOK PAGE FOR MORE DETAILS.   Be sure to comment on the public Facebook page if you would like to switch to Comcast or if you currently don’t have internet service.  We’ll send this list to Comcast in lieu of a petition, so that they can see how many homeowners would like to switch!

If a majority of our homeowners/residents would like to switch, we could get Comcast fiber optic broadband internet service installed and activated within 90 days!!

Speeds up to 100Mbps via either FTTN or FTTC, then coax from there to each home, most likely. Please spread the word to all our homeowners and residents.  The Board will send a letter tomorrow noting the number of homeowners willing to switch  (as well as our current frustration with slow AT&T DSL.) We may also be able to get a bulk agreement if enough homeowners switch, which will offer significant pricing discounts.a


SUMMER KICKBALL TOURNAMENT: Hi neighbors! Think your kids would be interested in a neighborhood kickball tournament? Homeowners have volunteered to organize. Send us a message via “Contact Us” tab above, and we’ll get back to you with date/time/place!

Pool Damage

Hello neighbors, we need your help once again at the pool. Some rowdy kids ripped the garden hose holder right off the pavilion wall today. Apparently they were playing with the hose in the pool.

Everything is on video surveillance.

Please do your part by preventing anyone you see from playing with the hose – whether you know them or not.

Please do NOT let anyone in the pool gate without a pool card. It’s our $$$ that pays to maintain the pool and to make repairs. Too many non-members (people from outside the neighborhood) are using our pool. The pool is overcrowded. The pool area has now been damaged by these people. If we continue to let people enter the pool without an amenities card, we might as well open it to the public.

Comcast High-Speed Internet Access – UPDATE

COMCAST HIGH-SPEED INTERNET UPDATE: Forsyth Co. permitted Comcast last year for their new multi-gigabit broadband service, called Gigabit Pro (2Gbps fiber-to-the home) to expand into our area. Comcast had planned rollout to Atlanta and surrounding metro areas in May, but that has been delayed.

Our HOA Board spoke with Forsyth Co Utilities Division and Comcast’s Residential Planning and Development Division today.   They are working to find out status for our area and will let us know asap. Delay most likely due to amount of fiber that has to be laid.

NOTE: For homes outside the fiber area, Comcast will roll out gigabit download speeds over cable using equipment supporting the new DOCSIS 3.1 standard. Comcast says it hopes to roll out DOCSIS 3.1 in early 2016.

As soon as we find out more, we’ll post updates. In the meantime, if you are selling your home, you can still transfer your existing AT&T DSL service to your buyer.

Lovely Photos of Montclair

SEND US YOUR PHOTOS! If you have pictures you’d like to share of your (or your neighbor’s) lawn and/or gardens, etc. – please share!

Just email to:

We’ll share them all in the newly created album “Montclair Subdivision Swim/Tennis Community in North Forsyth” found on our public Facebook page:

Hope you enjoy!

UPDATE – from Architectural Review Board

If you haven’t had a chance to drive through the neighborhood, do! There are some beautiful yards this summer! You may have noticed the abandoned home on Montclair Hills Dr. is being cleaned up, too – once and for all. We’ll keep you posted. The other nearby property is also being cleaned up – no more dilapidated fence. Our ARB is hard at work getting these last few violations corrected. If you see any we’ve missed, please send us a message, and we’ll do our best to correct.

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