Annual Dues


Please don’t forget annual dues are due by Feb 1st. Payments made on or after March 1st will be considered late and a late fee will be applied to your account.

If you didn’t receive a letter in the mail, you can contact the management company to get your account number at

Annual HOA Meeting

1/6/23 update- we are moving the meeting from the library to the pool due to time restrictions at the library. We will have heaters. Hope to see you there!

💥💥💥Annual HOA Meeting💥💥💥

We hope to see all of you there, but if you are unable to attend, please fill out the proxy and give it to a trusted neighbor or board member to vote on your behalf. Thank you!


Pool closing 2022

End of Summer Pool Party

Wow, the summer sure did go by fast, but we’d like to celebrate all the kids going back to school with a neighborhood pool party!

We have rented a water slide/ jumpy house for the afternoon and would love to see everyone enjoy it! The HOA will be grilling hotdogs and hamburgers, so don’t forget to bring your favorite side dish! Hope to see you there!

2022 Semi-Annual HOA Update

Good evening Montclair residents,

Your Montclair HOA Board would like to take this opportunity to update you all on the board’s activities and actions since you installed us to represent our community.

The board is composed of Jenni Dent (President), Josh Wright (Vice President), Ariel Shaw (Secretary), Alberto Arroro (Treasurer) and John Stathes (Member/Advisor).

The board has taken on a range of projects and activities to date, a few of those are articulated below.

Community Entrance – we hired Southern Creations to rejuvenate the front entrance to ensure our community was represented in a tasteful and beautiful manner from the very first drive into the community. In addition, we found and repaired the irrigation system to ensure the plantings remain healthy through the summer months, repaired the electrical connections to ensure the sign and entrance area are lit. We also hired Unlimited Lawn Service to ensure the lawn was fertilized and weed controlled.

Flagpole – We have made arrangements with Flagsource Southeast to install a new flag pole capable of flying two flags. The new pole will be located near the pool house and tennis courts. The relocation is necessary to ensure that the pole is not damaged by vehicles and/or vandals. The new pole will be installed in the next few weeks.

Pool and Pool House Common Area – we have ensured the current pool will remain an amenity through this summer by replacing the pool pump and filtration system, and patch work on the pool surface. The common area around the pool is maintained by Southern Creations as well.

Tennis Courts – the board received and approved a bid from Court Makers to resurface, remark (for tennis and pickleball) and install new nets. This is scheduled to happen late August/ early September. In addition, the board will add access control features to the courts, like the pool access control, to ensure the courts are used as designed after resurfacing is complete.

Community Events – most of you enjoyed the Easter Egg hunt and activities this year, a fantastic turn out. Our next event this year will be a community pool party. Planning is still underway, details will be released soonest, volunteers for that committee are welcome to contact Jenni Dent.

Financials – our operations and maintenance budget remains in good standing at the halfway mark in our fiscal year. We have issued late fee notices for those property owners that have not yet paid annual dues for this year or past years. It is important to note that annual dues are utilized as the operations and maintenance budget for the community. Also note, to date, there remains $23,000 in outstanding annual dues. At this point, the board in concert with AMG, will begin to issue lien notices to property owners who remain deficient on payments. The board took necessary actions to return and/or restore the Etrade reserve account back to board control. Many of you with past board experience or who have attended annual meetings understand that this account has been a long standing issue. The account is under board control and is no longer an issue.

What’s next for the board during the second half of this year? Our community covenants will expire in approximately two years, so the board will publish an education and listening schedule to develop current understanding of covenants, receive input from community members, draft our new covenants and prepare those for vote during our annual election. We will also look at a range of small to medium cap projects (ex detention/retention pond clean up, pool expansion) for the next one to three year period so that continuity can be achieved between annually serving boards. We will preserve our records by employing a cloud based solution to ensure we preserve the records of the community and that records can be accessed by board members as those members changeover.

As always, we are available for you and your feedback. We remain happy to serve our great community. If you need to reach us, please do so by email at

Key Fobs









✨✨Key Fobs✨✨

🏊‍♀️ Pool season is here! 🏊‍♂️

If your annual dues are up to date and you didn’t receive a new fob last year, please email the HOA at .  You can leave your name, address and phone number and someone will reach out to schedule a drop off time.

‼️The old cards no longer work. As a way to get people to pay their dues, we politely ask that we not let anyone in the pool area who does not have a fob.‼️

👉🏻Any issues with fobs must be brought to the board and we will get you a working fob ASAP.


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