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✨✨Key Fobs✨✨

🏊‍♀️ Pool season is here! 🏊‍♂️

If your annual dues are up to date and you didn’t receive a new fob last year, please email the HOA at .  You can leave your name, address and phone number and someone will reach out to schedule a drop off time.

‼️The old cards no longer work. As a way to get people to pay their dues, we politely ask that we not let anyone in the pool area who does not have a fob.‼️

👉🏻Any issues with fobs must be brought to the board and we will get you a working fob ASAP.


Easter egg hunt

Due to the rain we will be getting Saturday, we are moving the Egg hunt to this Friday at 6:00.  Good news is we will now be serving pizza! 

2022 Dues Due by February 1

Dues payment procedure

Montclair Community Forum & News FB Group

We have put together a new Facebook page and ask that all current homeowners and tenants join the group.  In this group, we will discuss what the HOA has been working on, events that will be taking place as well as a place for you to leave comments and suggestions for your current board members.  We hope that you will join and chime in when you feel up to it!

Governing Documents

Articles of Incorporation – Montclair Subdivision Homeowners Association, Inc.

Montclair HOA Covenants




Annual Assessments Due 30 days after receipt of the bills



The assessments for 2021 are $445.

Invoices were mailed 30 days prior to due date. If you have not received your invoice, please contact the Treasurer at to update your contact information and get another invoice mailed to you.

Thank you for your prompt payment!
Dues will be considered late if received or postmarked after May 1, 2021.

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