How Do I Get Started?

In an effort to help make your dealings with the Architectural Committee as quick and easy as possible, we ask that you use the Montclair Architectural Review Request form available on this page. Please fill this form out as best you can. Although it is not required that every blank be filled in, the more information you can provide us, the better able we will be to respond to your request. Feel free to attach a separate page if you need additional space. For this form, please click on the link below. We have offered the form in both word and pdf formats:

Montclair Architecture Review Request (PDF)

Montclair Architecture Review Request (DOC)

If available, pictures of similar installations can be very helpful in understanding the nature of the improvements you would like to make. For things such as fences or exterior structures, a clear drawing of the property and structure location will help us to determine if this request meets the requirements of the Covenants. A thorough review of the Covenants can help in ensuring that your plans meet all requirements.

All request forms and supporting documents can be mailed to the following address:

Montclair Homeowners Association
Architectural Committee
P.O. Box 1099
Cumming GA, 30028

You can also email one of the Architectural Committee members. Your committee members are listed on the Directors listing.

If either of these methods is impractical, feel free to contact one of the Architectural Committee members to make arrangements for hand delivery of your submission.

Although we will do our best to make our determination as quickly as possible, some rare occurrences may require as much as 30 days for review. Please allow plenty of time when submitting your request.

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