Architecture FAQs

  1. Why do I need approvals from the Architectural Committee? All properties within the Montclair Subdivision are bound by the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&R). This was designed to ensure that the overall appearance of our neighborhood remains as it was when your home was purchased. To ensure compliance with the CC&R, an Architectural Committee was appointed to administer these requirements.
  2. Does the committee set or enforce watering restrictions? No, any watering restrictions are set and enforced by county and state governments. The association and the Arch. Committee do not regulate or enforce these restrictions in any way. Any information contained on the website and or newsletters is intended only to inform you of restrictions that have been brought to our attention.
  3. Do I need approval to build a fence? Yes, construction of, or additions to, a fence must have prior approval.
  4. Do I need approval to paint or stain my Fence? Because color selection can affect the overall appearance of your property, we request that you get color approvals first to avoid possible conflicts after the fact.
  5. Do I need approval to construct a storage shed or deck? Yes, construction of exterior structures requires prior approval.
  6. Do I need approval to change the color of the exterior of my home, deck or storage buildings? Yes, any changes to the exterior appearance require prior approval.
  7. Do I need approval to plant flowers or trees? No, however if it is determined that the appearance of your property is deemed to not conform to the overall appearance of the neighborhood you may be asked to remove these plantings. Feel free to contact us if you are unsure if the proposed plantings will be in conflict.
  8. How often am I required to cut my lawn? The committee does not dictate when lawns need to be cut, however if it is deemed that the appearance of your property does not conform to the overall appearance of the neighborhood you will be asked to correct the situation.
  9. Can the Committee recommend Contractors and Landscape companies? No, the committee does not recommend or approve any contractors or landscape companies. It is the responsibility of the individual member to determine the suitability of any contractors you hire.
  10. I see advertisements for contractors on the webpage and in the newsletters, are they approved by the committee? No, the committee does not recommend or approve any contractors or landscape companies. Advertisements in the newsletters and on the web page are either paid for by the advertiser or are provided as a thank you when companies donate time or goods to the association.
  11. Can my garbage can be left out at night? Garbage containers may be put out the night prior to garbage pick up. At all other times, garbage containers must be either kept inside or behind a screen which prevents them from being viewed by surrounding properties. Any proposed screens for garbage containers must have prior approval.
  12. Who determines where my property lines are located? The HOA does not have the ability or authority to determine property lines. Any questions concerning the location of property lines should be directed to local government authorities.

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