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Montclair AGM – OCTOBER 17 Notice

Montclair Subdivision Homeowners Association
PO Box 1099
Cumming, GA 30028
September 7, 2021

Dear Member,

We would like to take this opportunity to provide written notice of our upcoming annual Montclair Subdivision Homeowners Association Annual General Meeting. The meeting will be held:

Sunday, October 17, 2021
3:00 pm
At the Montclair Pool

There are 7 board positions, and more can be added for the different committees. We encourage all those who would like to nominate themselves or another homeowner to do so at this time by contacting any member of the current board. Nominations can be sent to the PO Box 1099 or emailed to board@montclairnews.org. It is important that our HOA have a strong board willing to tackle difficult challenges to maintain our neighborhood and property values. If you cannot attend the meeting, we can put nominations onto the ballot prior to the meeting.
Hopefully you have all noticed the improvements made to the neighborhood this year. It is only through the work of volunteers that we have been able to maintain this association and strong, willing volunteers are needed to continue the work.

So, please, if you cannot attend the meeting, let someone have your proxy vote for the meeting.

If you are interested in running for the board please notify the board at board@montclairnews.org and we will add your name to the ballot.


Eric Bauman. President
Josh Morrison, Vice President
David Warren, Vice President
Ariel Shaw, Secretary
Jenni Fischer, Assistant Secretary and Events
Mary Jane Whitworth, Treasurer
Susan Abrams, Financial and Pool Access

At the Annual General Meeting, the proposed budget and expenditures since the Jan 2021 Annual General Meeting will be presented.

Montclair Community Forum & News FB Group

We have put together a new Facebook page and ask that all current homeowners and tenants join the group.  In this group, we will discuss what the HOA has been working on, events that will be taking place as well as a place for you to leave comments and suggestions for your current board members.  We hope that you will join and chime in when you feel up to it!


Key Fob Pickup

✨✨Pool Fobs✨✨

If you have paid your dues and any late fees that might have occurred, and haven’t received your new fob yet, please email the HOA at board@montclairnews.org .  You can leave your name, address and phone number and Susan will reach out to schedule a drop off time.

‼️The old cards no longer work. As a way to get people to pay their dues, we politely ask that we not let anyone in the pool area who does not have a fob.‼️

👉🏻Any issues with fobs must be brought to the board and we will get you a working fob ASAP.

We have big plans for the common area in the neighborhood like resurfacing the tennis court and adding a splash pad and/or an extension to the pool. In order to do these things, we need everyone up to date with paying their yearly dues! These are huge expenses and every house being paid up to date can help us achieve our neighborhood goals.


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