2021-2022 Board of Directors

The 2021-2022 Board of Directors would like to thank the previous board for their hard work and dedication to our neighborhood. The new board met on March, 10 and elected officers as follows:

  • President: Eric Bauman
  • Vice-President: Josh Morrison & David Warren
  • Secretary: Ariel Shaw & Jenni Fischer
  • Treasurer: Mary Jane Whitworth & Susan Abrams
  • Pool Keys: Susan Abrams
  • Activities: Jenni Fischer & Haley Morrison

Stay tuned as we plan for some fun community events!


ENJOY THE POOL THIS HOLIDAY WEEKEND! In light of the events of last weekend, reminder of a few important pool rules are listed below.  A COMPLETE LIST OF POOL RULES IS POSTED AT POOL.

POOL RULES – anyone caught violating any of these rules is subject to fines and suspension of use of amenities. VIDEO SURVEILLANCE IN PROGRESS.

1. Pool hours are 7 a.m. – 10 p.m.

2. NO ENTERING POOL AFTER HOURS. VIDEO SURVEILLANCE IN PROGRESS. if caught at pool after hours, fines will incur and use of the amenities will be suspended.


4. NO smoking.

5. NO one 14 years of age or younger is allowed at the pool without an adult. (Adult must be 18 years or older.)

6. NO one is allowed to enter pool area without pool card.

7. Do NOT let others in without a pool card. If caught letting someone in without pool card, your use of the amenities will be suspended.

No Boats, Please

Architectural Review Board still receiving complaints about boats parked in the neighborhood. BIG BOATS. Even if you have a tarp on it, you know we still see it, right? PLEASE DO YOUR PART. It’s a violation of our covenants to park your boat and/or trailer in the neighborhood for more than 24 hours. Fines begin after 30 days. Please see our website for a list of architectural covenants, or if you prefer, just message us, and we’ll email a copy.

Montclair HOA 2015 Reserve Study

Please look under the Useful Info Tab at the top right and then click on Financial Reports.

There you will find the reserve study that the board has worked on.  If you do not have the password to access financial reports, please email board@montclairnews.org.  We will gladly share all information with members.


Please be sure to take out what you take in. We have found bags of chips, sunflower shells, empty water bottles etc. laying around the pool. We have put a lot of effort into making it look nice and need everyone’s help to keep it that way:) There is a garbage can by the front gate for trash.

Also, please make sure to review the pool rules.  We want everyone to have fun, safe, access to the pool.


Neighborhood watch

Neighborhood Watch Meeting with Deputy Kevin Ferraro will take place Tuesday, April 22, 2014 @ 7 pm in the amenities area. This meeting and information is for residents and teens. Please plan to attend and spread the word as it will be a very informative meeting.

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