Front Entrance Facelift

Hopefully everyone has noticed our beautiful new front entrance sign! With all of the overgrowth clean-up, new plantings, brick cleaning, new LED lighting and beam staining, the new sign is the crown of our front entrance beautification project. The front entrance is the “Welcome” that residents see as they return home and potential residents and visitors notice as they come into our neighborhood. It is a wonderful showcase of some of your dues at work as our Board of Directors works hard to make our neighborhood an inviting place while keeping our home values up! Many thanks to those who have invested hours and hours of personal time doing research, gathering bids, holding vendors accountable, and being good stewards of our finances. Your hard work is evident and our neighborhood is thankful.

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Need An Expert?

NEXTDOOR.COM UPDATE: We recently created a new Group on called “Need An Expert?” If you live in Montclair and own a business you’d like to advertise or offer a service for a fee that you’d like to share, please post in this Group on  If you are a member or resident of Montclair and haven’t had a chance to join, please send the Board an email and we’ll be happy to invite you!

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Board Resignations

BOARD UPDATE: We regret to inform you two of our most valuable Board members resigned from the Board this past month – Kenny Brannan and Priscilla Hoch. This was a hard loss for our community and for our remaining Board members. This is Dawn, by the way, and on a personal note, I know we couldn’t have accomplished all that we did in the past year and a half without their help. They are my neighbors and my friends, and I already miss them. Thank you, Kenny and Priscilla, for all you’ve done for this community!

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