Need An Expert?

NEXTDOOR.COM UPDATE: We recently created a new Group on called “Need An Expert?” If you live in Montclair and own a business you’d like to advertise or offer a service for a fee that you’d like to share, please post in this Group on  If you are a member or resident of Montclair and haven’t had a chance to join, please send the Board an email and we’ll be happy to invite you!

Our new private neighborhood network is finally here! We announced it at the meeting on Sunday, Sept. 13th –! If you’d like to get all the latest Montclair news, please join us on  If you are a Montclair resident or member, just send the Board an email with your Montclair address to:

and we’ll send you an invitation!

Board Resignations

BOARD UPDATE: We regret to inform you two of our most valuable Board members resigned from the Board this past month – Kenny Brannan and Priscilla Hoch. This was a hard loss for our community and for our remaining Board members. This is Dawn, by the way, and on a personal note, I know we couldn’t have accomplished all that we did in the past year and a half without their help. They are my neighbors and my friends, and I already miss them. Thank you, Kenny and Priscilla, for all you’ve done for this community!

Latest Comcast Update Has Been E-Mailed

Latest Comcast Update has been emailed. PLEASE REPLY ASAP. If you are a homeowner or resident in Montclair and did not receive the update, please send a message to:

We don’t want you to miss this important information.

If the email you received did not include the “Alternate Internet Service Options” (T1, Appalachian Broadband, Trailwave, etc.), please send a message to the Board  and we’ll resend.

Photos of Montclair

SEND US YOUR PHOTOS! If you have pictures you’d like to share of your (or your neighbor’s) lawn and/or gardens, etc. – please share!

Just email to:

We’ll share them all in the newly created album “Montclair Subdivision Swim/Tennis Community in North Forsyth” found on our public Facebook page:

Hope you enjoy!


ENJOY THE POOL THIS HOLIDAY WEEKEND! In light of the events of last weekend, reminder of a few important pool rules are listed below.  A COMPLETE LIST OF POOL RULES IS POSTED AT POOL.

POOL RULES – anyone caught violating any of these rules is subject to fines and suspension of use of amenities. VIDEO SURVEILLANCE IN PROGRESS.

1. Pool hours are 7 a.m. – 10 p.m.

2. NO ENTERING POOL AFTER HOURS. VIDEO SURVEILLANCE IN PROGRESS. if caught at pool after hours, fines will incur and use of the amenities will be suspended.


4. NO smoking.

5. NO one 14 years of age or younger is allowed at the pool without an adult. (Adult must be 18 years or older.)

6. NO one is allowed to enter pool area without pool card.

7. Do NOT let others in without a pool card. If caught letting someone in without pool card, your use of the amenities will be suspended.

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